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  • Pictures! Opinions/advice?

    Some pictures of my 4 geckos. What do you think of their overall health and condition appearance? I am wondering if one of my females is gravid, or just overweight... advice? Also, what exactly would you call the different morphs of these 4 guys? Thanks!

    Click image for larger version

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    She could be potentialy. Has she been with a male? Also just make sure to have a laybox available, just in case.
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      Oh my gosh i love #4!!
      And i'm pretty new to morphs, so please correct me if i'm wrong guys, but i would say that #1, #3, are eather Bi-color's with portholes (and 3 has dal spots in both red and black looks like ) or minimal flames. #2 i think is a harlequin, but it could be a flame, its hard to tell with it fired down. And your last lovely is a tiger! i Looovvveee tigers ^^

      And personally i cant tell if your girl has little ones inside with a picture, i would have to feel her, but maybe someone else can.
      I would invest in a scale if you don't have one, that can be your "overweight" indicator, but none of your cresties seem overweight to me. (don't take my word for it though ^^u )

      Jaybee has all kinds of good info on her site (its in her signature and she is a mod so she should be really easy to find) and so does the Pangea store.

      Best of luck! You have beautiful kids! Crested Gecko ( Panchi, Cobar, Jodhaa, Mocha, Poe, Durc, Tivonan, & Stelona.)
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        Number 1: flame
        Number 2: low-end harlequin with Dalmatian spotting
        Number 3: flame with Dalmatian spotting
        Number 4: low-end tiger

        Has your female been with a male? If so, she's probably gravid. Crested geckos Leopard geckos


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          Thanks! The last one is Lemon(named after Liz Lemon from 30 Rock because I am a nerd), she was my first crestie and she's my little sweetheart. I couldn't get them to fire very well for the camera. The male (Tang) just had a good shed last night, which was probably why he looks so pale in the pictures, usually he's quite dark. Spark(the maybe gravid one) Was in with the male but right now they have seperate tanks. I'm getting a laybox ready just in case. Thanks!
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            Click image for larger version

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            Is this suitable for a laybox? I used organic peat with a bit of perlite, first rinsed and boiled then slightly dampened. Right now there is no heat source, since it stays 70-78 or so. I have not been regulating the lighting except for natural light in the window. Is there anything different I should be doing? Should I have an incubator box ready just in case?
            Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem. -Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh


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              I used basically the same thing for my female. After laying in it, I moved the eggs (making sure not to rotate in any way, I marked the top very lightly with a sharpie) to a divided craft storage box with a mix of 50/50 eco-earth & vermiculite. I used garage sale dots for the date laid and parent info. Once the eggs hatched, I move the baby to a small food storage container with a screen mesh hot glued in the top, a fake plant and paper towel substrate. I use condiment cup lids for the CGD and mist 2x daily. I took the info dot and stuck it to the 'baby tank' and added the name, hatch date, & # of days incubated. (I am a bit AR when it comes to keeping data) I also weigh and photograph the newbie within 24 hours.
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