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help sexing my crestie/weight question

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  • help sexing my crestie/weight question

    Just got this little guy a couple of weeks ago, he's taken very well to his new habitat and seems to be eating and thriving (I feed him CGD and crickets) so I'm very happy! I was wondering if anyone on the forums could help me figure out if he's male or female?

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    The store I got him from said he was around 3 months old, I just weighed him and he came out to a whopping 7 grams. I know cresties are slow-growing but does this sound about normal/average to everyone?

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    I personally think that 7 grams is too early to tell one way or another. Someone just recently posted a basic weight range chart, but everyone has also said that there are lots of factors that determine size in a crestie. I just got 3 of my little ones last week from a guy who said that he has had them for almost a year and one was only 5.8 g while the other were 11 and over. I have another guy that was bought from a pet store (who says they had him for around 8 months) and he's weighing in at 28 grams. I'm still not very good at finding the elusive pores that everyone talks about seeing in boys, but there may be a teeny tiny bulge beginning...


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      Your pick is too blurry for me to tell ^^; But its a cutie none the less! Crested Gecko ( Panchi, Cobar, Jodhaa, Mocha, Poe, Durc, Tivonan, & Stelona.)
      0.1 Leopard Gecko ( Mehndi )
      1.0 Tokay Gecko ( Ralphie )
      2.0 Dogs ( Mel, Buck )
      0.4 Cats ( Koyo, Lupin, Hope, Flop-Tail )


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        Thanks for all the help! I think that's about the best my little point-and-shoot can do for detail unfortunately, however in a couple of weeks I will have access to a really nice DSLR with a macro lens so I should be able to update the thread with some better pictures soon.