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ID:	1077128Hello,
    I am new to the pangea forums so i just wanted to introduce myself a little, and share some pics of my collection. My name is Chad, I live in Everett, Wa and I work at Seattle Veterinary specialists in Kirkland. I have a degree in zoology from the University of Washington and over the past 5-7 yrs i have developed a love for rhacodactylus. I have Cresteds, 1.0 PI Chahoua, 3.2.1 Leachianus multiple locales, 1.1 Eurydactylodes villeardii and 1.2 Leopard geckos. There is not much more that I love as a hobby other than reptile husbandry and breeding. I do have 3 beautiful kids and a stupid mean cat.
    Enjoy some pics of my collection
    Sincerely ChadClick image for larger version

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    Welcome. Wow, that's quite a collection, very nice.
    4.3.6 C. ciliatus
    1.0.0 M. chahoua
    20.0 Chinchillas
    1.0 Cat


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      super / thx for sharing


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        Welcome, and those are some nice geckos!


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          You have a beautiful collection, welcome to Pangea!
          4.1 Dogs: Baringer, Riesling, Trunks, Tebow & Dante 1.0 Sulcata: Cavin 1.1 KSB: Mordecei & P.B. 2.2.6 Gargoyles: Venture, Triana, LSP, Nyx, 21 & 24 0.2 Leopard Geckos: Videl & Eclipse 1. 0AFT: Rigby 7.7.19 Cresties: Ghost, Drayven, Morzan, Jelly, Esme, Peach, Marcelene, Ino, Chi, Haven, Tsunade, Senju, Cinna, Tribute, Jiraya, Iruka, Kurama, Seelie, Kushina, Tada & Iyrony 1.0 Short Tailed Opossum: Daubie


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            Great collection u got going on there... Welcome to pangea


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              Gorgous! and Welcome
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              0.1 Hedgehog; 0.2 Mice; 1.4 Felines; 1.1 Canines


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                Welcome to our crazy gecko world! What fantastic pictures of your beautiful little critters. My personal favorite comment from your post was that "stupid mean cat" comment! haha I have a dog and I often think, wow, you're a lot more work than these little cuties!! I still love all my animals just the same, but I have grown much more into a gecko lover than anything else. I could watch their silly antics all day! I hope you enjoy reading through the posts... always interesting and always changing!


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                  Welcome to the forums. You have built quite a collection there...
                  Jack Williford (Crested Gecko Lab)
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                  0.1.1 Rhacodactylus Chahoua
                  1.4.0 rhacodactylus auriculatus (Gargoyle Gecko)