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    Hi I'm gonna be buying this pair this weekend they are proven breeders, two harlys. The guy wants 120$ for both do you think that's good and tell me what you think please be honest thanks.Click image for larger version

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    I think it's a good deal considering your basically getting two for the price of one. Both have good head structure and their colors are not so bad. In the end, it's all up to you to decide...


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      I was thinking the same thing and I really like them so I am going to get them haha I just wanted some insight from all of you.


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        Well, good luck to you and glad I could help.


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          Nice looking. I like the female. The male has more color, but be sure his spine isn't getting a twist or kink or anything. It could just be the angle of the pictures but it looks like something might be going on there. You'll be able to tell when you pick them up, so be sure to give them both a good look over. Otherwise if you like them go for it! It's a good price for breeding pair. You could also inquire about pictures of offspring.
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            Yeah he said he has 6 babies he's getting rid of too and there from them I'm gonna tell him to send me pics or show me pictures of the babies


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              Fantastic deal! As long as what Spyral said is verified to be just an angle issue. I would jump on that for sure!


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                The guy also told me that they wernt very fired up and the male is get like the female. I will don't worry