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  • Ordering Dubia Roaches...

    I really want to try dubia roaches and hubby won't let me start a colony. Problem being I'm not sure what size I could order that I would use up the fastest- I have one full grown Leo and two juvi cresties. If all else fails I have a friend I could share them with but all her reptiles are juvenile as well.

    Is there a size chart I could go by? My Leo eats superworms and large crickets- what is the equivalent of that with dubias?

    Thanks in advance for answers I appreciate any help!

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    I us the size of my gecko's head as a guide... So i get small ones (4-10mm)...
    How come you can't start a colony? Its not much different to having them in the house anyway...

    Dubia make great feeders...

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      I know your husband is against a colony, but as a warning - if you're going to just order feeder dubias as you need them, you are probably going to end up spending a lot more money than if you were just buying crickets once a week. They grow more slowly than crickets, so more work & food goes into them, so (most) breeders charge a bit more for dubia feeders.

      But... yeah, go by the space between the gecko's eyes. "Juvi" doesn't really tell us size of gecko. & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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        Well that's why I mention the size of feeders my Leo is eating- my cresties I'll have to judge myself because they are both different sizes. They wouldn't be getting the roaches as often as my Leo anyway. And no colonies of anything, be it roaches or crickets or mealworms. My husband just doesn't want feeders established in the house. I just wanted more variety-I wouldn't solely be feeding roaches. I'll just have to see if I can talk a friend of mine into starting her own colony and giving me some every so often. Thanks for the advice though guys!


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          Have you looked around your area for locally-owned pet/reptile stores? Sometimes they will carry dubias, or similar roaches, and you'd be able to see the different sizes available first hand. Plus, it might save you some money!
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            Are you close to Charlotte, NC? We have a ton of roaches and would part with some easy for pickup.
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              I agree with JB, unless you are goig to go with your own colony it will cost far more in the long run to order then. Usually you will find them for about $25-35 for 100 of them. And when you consider most pet stores it costs between $5-7 for 100 crickets, yeah you will be in the yellow. If you have any good friends who have reptiles maybe offer to go halfsies on a colony of them. Do you have a garage? Maybe the hubby would feel better have them out there than indoors. But in all honesty these guys are not able to infest in a house if they do escape being they are a tropic species (unless obviously if you live in a tropical climate). And if you use a smooth surface storage tub they can not climb smooth surfaces, and the males rarely ever fly, I have had my colony for about 3 years now and I have yet to see a male fly out.

              As for sizes, you would be best going with a mixed lot but again it does vary on the size of the cresteds so youre looking at extra small to medium, or small to medium.
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