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  • OVERHEAT! :(

    so today my a/c broke -_- and i left with my mom and came back home about 3 hours later i noticed my crested geckos cage was 90degrees(farenheit) .
    ive had him about 3 weeks what should i do i feel so bad for him i took him out to make sure he was okay but he was jumping alot more then often...
    i never use any lighting its always at about 79f. right now i put an ice pack on top of his cage its about at 89 or 87 so its going down but will this cause any damage on him idk how long he had been in such heat help!


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    Take a rag and get it wet and ring it out and put it over the top of your cage. You can also put ice cubes on top of that or in the cage itself, or a frozen water bottle inside/on top.

    Good luck.
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      Are you in a house with a basement? My basement is usually about 10 degrees cooler then the rest of the house. This is especially true if you have a bare floor in the basement without carpeting. Move tank and all down there. If you do a search you will find other suggestions too - but the basement and those tips mentioned by Tauni are the ones most often given.
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        If you don't have a basement, move the tank onto the floor, this can count for 1 or even 2 degrees.
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