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Just got my First Crested Gecko on friday (pics)

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  • Just got my First Crested Gecko on friday (pics)

    So my first crested gecko arrived Friday morning. he is about 6g and i bought him from a breeder that said hes pinstripe, but im not sure if anything else. anyways heres the little guy. (not sure if its a male either i guess, lol)

    also, hes in an 18x18x24 exo terra. I have not seen him eat his cgd yet, but i have set out 2 cups of it so that he would not have trouble finding it.

    also the name is Butters.

    i couldnt get the best pics with my phone, but here they are.

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    Oooh nice pinstripe! I'm jealous! How much was he?!? Crested geckos Leopard geckos


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      ty xuniet, I paid 75 plus 50 shipping.

      anyone know if his coloring will change at all? or will it stay about the same, i have read that their colorings as young can change untill they are full grown, such as getting darker or lighter.


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        Lucky. I guess as much is to be expected if it's unsexed, but he's still gorgeous! His coloring might change, but his pinstripe-y-ness shouldn't. He'll be a pretty one! Crested geckos Leopard geckos