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  • Help kinda?

    ok so i got my first crested gecko and is this food ok to feed him.. please dont tell me to buy some from the internet but is this ok

    heres my gecko
    tell me if the pics dont work

    and on the food it says crested gecko diet and they only had a 3 one with a yellow cap and one with orange cap i read both at the store and they both look the same and the brand is t-rex

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    Yes the one you have is good, its Repashy brand. I use it also. I buy the 1/4 lb bag on the website's store.
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      That food is just fine, exactly what you should be feeding! Cute gecko


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        yeah, that is the correct food. but if you want to save some money you can buy the bigger bags online, like here, the pet stores around here charge like 8 bucks for that little bottle.