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My little teeties won't grow!!

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    I guess I missed that part ^^^ fully agree, definitely separate your geckos. Not only because your boy isn't growing properly, but also because you should not be putting young geckos in a situation where they will probably breed when they are way too young and small.

    Otherwise, you should really post pics of your boy and get weights if possible because otherwise it's hard to say if he's just a "slow grower" or if there is actually something wrong with him.

    I did have one baby, years ago, that didn't develop properly. I'm not sure if this is what caused it or not, but his egg got ... shaken... ugh, (by a human sibling of mine)... anyways, he hatched shortly after and seemed like a normal baby, but grew very slowly, and ended up being kind of crooked... It took him about 3 years to hit 25 grams and as far as I know he has never gotten any bigger than that. A friend of mine took him as a pet and still has him. He's probably about 8 years old now, seems healthy but is awkward and small and has an odd bone structure. I don't know if it's because of the shaking incident, or if it's something genetic, but I never bred him, it just didn't seem right. Plus any of my adult females probably would have beat him up pretty bad haha
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      Here's a link to that thread on tiny cresties. For what it's worth, Tiger Lily has done some growing since then.
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        Yah, lol about the cresties growing slow.

        My crestie is smaller than her brother, and she is almost a year old and... Tiny. But anyway, I'm sure Tito is fine. But about the title... I just wasn't sure what was in THIS post! Crested geckos Leopard geckos


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          I also did not see that, do not keep them together!
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