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My little teeties won't grow!!

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  • My little teeties won't grow!!

    My Chocolate/orange flame,Tito (AKA little teeties) just wont grow. He's almost a year old (July 4th) but he's only slightly bigger than he was when he was a hatchling. He eats just as much as his larger yet younger cage mate. He did get chubbier and developed his bulge under his vent, but he is still pretty small. Anyone think it's a phase or a growth defect? He is healthy all around everything else though. I hope this wont effect breeding either. I feel like Seymour from "Little shop of Horrors" when his plant wont grow for him, maybe I should just start offering blood!

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    Well, what do you feed him? I know that's what the more experienced keepers are going to want to know first!
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      Could you post some pics and his weight?


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        Lol, my mind went completely perverted reading about your little teeties... Hah

        anyways, post pics if you can. Weigh the gecko if possible and yes what exactly is he eating and how often? What are temps like, how long have you had him? Etc...


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          Your WHAT won't grow?!

          Do you give them, errr, IT any insects?


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            Lets see... He eats Repashy. I put it in a bottle cap with just a pinch of extra calcium. I watch him eat some of it outside the cage, and then I add some more and put it in the cage with his cage mate as well. Come morning Usually it is gone or almost gone. I have witnessed both Geckos eating it on their own in the cage. Once (or if i have leftovers twice) a week they have dusted/gut-loaded crickets. Tito surprisingly can take down 5-7 small ones in one sitting. I also do this feeding outside of the cage in a 10 gallon feeding tank. Temps are 75-80 during the day and 69-72 at night. Humidity is usually 50-80%. lately it's been easier to keep the humidity up due to not needing the baseboard heater anymore and keeping the windows open. I got him July 4th of last year, my guess is he was born pretty recently because he was TINY, like my thumbnail tiny. Don't get me wrong guys he did grow but very, very slowly and miniscule compared to his cage-mate. I also want to add that I notice, he is more of a walker than a jumper. his cage-mate is a wild one. She jumps (pretty far) but Tito likes to stay put (I can actually put him on my shoulder and play Video games and he wont move). He can have spurts of running moments, and he is quick, but he usually walks very slowly during the day, and leisurely at night, and only jumps from branch to branch or to leaves. He lost his tail so he is 3 inches now. pics will come soon, I just need to find out how to upload them.


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              I have a baby crestie that was 1g when I got him and after 5 months he was only 5g.
              I was feeding him CGD and pin head crickets, so I upped them to 1/2" crickets and he gained 5g in the next 3 months. Now he is 10g and licks his bowl clean every other night, and hunts down his 2-3 crickets like he is a lion on the hunt!

              I have now started giving all my geckos bigger crickets and offering a few every week, vs only 1-2 times a month, all of them seam to like it better and seam to eat more of the CGD then they did before as well.
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                My crestie is only about 5.5 g and he'll be a year old at the beginning of August. Some just have super slow growth rates, eventually they do grow, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Insects will help put some weight on them quicker but they still shouldn't be given more than once a week.

                Can you weigh your gecko?
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                  Thank you you Madogre, but how would I go about getting bigger crickets? When I run to petco, my choices are small/large, lol. I really appreciate your help, is there another place that you know of where I can get some "medium" sized one? and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in this world with a runt crestie =)


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                    Just order them here from Pangea--there are several different sizes. This is where I get all of mine and they are healthy. Good luck with your gecko!


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                      I know my reptile specialty shops (kind of mom and pop stores) all have medium crickets for cheaper than petco.
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                        Originally posted by Shenzi Sixaxis View Post
                        Your WHAT won't grow?!
                        I thought the same thing, LOL.

                        I use to work with this japenese lady who pronounced "teeth" like "teets". I was REALLY confused at first when she was trying to tell me she couldn't eat something because it hurt her TEETH. LOL

                        "How would eating that..hurt your..." was going through my mind...

                        Sorry, had to share that story.

                        There was a recent thread in the health and breeding section about slow growers, and it seems like a pretty common occurrence...I think as long as he is eating/pooping and doesn't act ill you shouldn't worry
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                          you said cage mate.. he may not be eating as much as you think and growin as fast because the cage mate may be bullying it from the food.
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                            Yeah, I would definitely consider separating them if cagemates aren't growing at the same rate.


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                              One thing I want to point out that no one has seemed to comment about...

                              There is a male and female crestie in the same cage that are both not the appropriate size and age to breed.

                              If this guy does have something genetically wrong with him causing him to not grow you do not need to breed him.

                              Breeding is very, very stressful on their bodies. If the female is not much bigger than him she definitely does not need to be bred. They will breed and repeatedly. Females also retain sperm for 6 to 9 months so you will have laying eggs for sometime. This is very hard on a females body especially if she is not the appropriate weight.

                              Also, if you do not have the knowledge to figure out why he is not growing, you probably should not be breeding. Breeding cresties is not something to take lightly. Lots of research needs to be done before hand. It is also not something you do unless you have the resources and time to devote to finding homes for the hatchlings.
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