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Fluker's Crested Gecko food?

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    The leaves are an issue to humans and mammals but from what I read (could be way off here) that something in the fruit skin of members of the Solanaceae family causes problems for herps. Its been so long that I'm having a hard time remembering exactly what it was and should really look into it again. I'm thinking it was the skin because of eggplant and tomato's are in the same family... I'm not sure why. LOL If anyone else can tell me why my mind is pointing me in this direction I would really love a refresher.
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      I don't like the skin because it gets stuck between my teeth. Hehehe. I think I've read something similar but I don't recall if it had any testing done or if it was one of those "educated guess" sorts of things.


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        You guys are the BEST! You answered my question all while making me laugh the whole time I read these Thanks alot everyone, now I know what NOT to get. MRP it still is with occasional Crickets. It's a shame, I like Fluker's products, most my tank is made up of it, but I guess gecko food isn't their specialty.