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Akua & Lellarap mating during photo shoot

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    wow, that happened to me one time but you got some very good photos. Awesome pairing!


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      Originally posted by tlbowling View Post
      Great shots! You are a wonderful photographer! Did you goto school for that or learn on your own? Id love to learn how to REALLY use a camera!
      Originally posted by Chewy View Post
      Great pics!!! What kind of camera do you use?

      Thanks for the comments guys! We are really excited to see what happens with these two. Both have produced some great looking offspring with other mates, so I can only imagine what they might do together.

      I didn't go to school for photography or just takes a lot of practice and knowing what you are doing with the camera. You've probably seen many of my other photos, and those were all done with a Canon S5IS. These photos in this thread are all done with my new camera, a Canon T2i. The lens I used for these is a 60mm macro. I'm still learning this one!
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