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  • Got this tonight!

    Well, I rescued this cool guy from an owner I found on CL, who fed him nothing but crickets in an empty 10 gallon aquarium...

    The best part is, I traded a car battery(which was free) for him!

    He has a mate, but she was in poor condition, so I refused to take her until he brought her back up to proper weight.

    This dude is freaking HUGE!!!
    He was so hungry, he devoured TWO plates of CGD within the first 10 minutes after I put him in his new Viv.

    No name yet, but I was considering "Zeus."
    Well, here he is:

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    He's cute! But here's a question: How do you expect that guy to get the female up to weight if he was feeding just crickets, and showing such poor husbandry for this one? I don't condone paying for a rescue, (because it just sends the message that it OK to abuse/neglect an animal and you get paid for it) but did you mention how to properly feed these guys to the guy that kept the female?
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      Yea, I definitely would have taken her too. You would've definitely taken better care of her then he would. If he doesn't want them anymore, then she's not going to be taken care of Go back and get her. Just remember to quarantine.
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        Wow NICE! i like the name Zeus, it fits him and hes yellow (like lightening)
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          I don't understand people who buy beautiful animals like this then don't take care of them.

          Its great this guy found a new home, but I agree with the people who say go back and get the female to. She'll have a better chance of getting her weight up and being healthy.
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            Glad he has a new home but go back and get the girl! Obviously this previous owner does not know what he is doing.

            PS Personally I would name him "Gator" since his head look so frickin huge in the pictures!
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              I always have a soft spot for "plain" looking cresties who are still badass, this guy is pretty awesome, huge head and very furry!!

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                He is cool! I vote with the others, if you're going to take the female anyway, just go back and get her so she can start living the good life with her mate Zeus! Congrats!


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                  (Wishes for an opportunity to get a crestie for free with awesome structure)

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                    And keep them apart until she is healthy enough and you are ready for possible babies!
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                      It is early and I am in a funky mood.
                      I am happy for you that "you" got a nice gecko.
                      I am happy for Zeus that he is safe.
                      But I am more than unhappy that you chose to use the word "rescued" in your post and yet you left the one in dire need of help there. Sounds to me as if she was the one that needed to be rescued. And it may have been a tough call since you did give something in exchange, to not pick the better animal. I get it. But please try to get the female and get her to safety if at all possible.
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                        the males eyes look a bit sunken in.
                        he may be a little dehydrated.
                        so id spray him more often.
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                          I appreciate the fact that you are providing a good home for this new guy. Do not take it personal if anyone gives you a hard time for not taking the female as well. You made a smart decision taking the healthy animal and giving it a new home. The female may have been beyond saving. People need to realize you can't save them all, but that every little bit helps.
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                          “Resentment is like drinking a poison and waiting for the other person to die." Carrie Fisher


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                            I agree, get the other one out of there, please! Give her good food and a chance, and she might get better.
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                              Oh WOW....
                              I apologize, I guess I should've given more background to the situation....

                              The guy I got Zeus from is a "Reptile Guy" that is supposedly opening up a reptile store nearby, a soon as his shop passes inspection.
                              He mostly deals in snakes, turtles, and lizards, but has a few Leos, and the two Cresteds I got.
                              He received Zeus and the female in trade for a corn snake or something...?
                              He isn't into Geckos at all, and knows very little about them but he's only had them for two weeks, so its not like they've been abused and/or neglected their whole life.
                              The female is already mine, and insisted on taking her, but after I told him everything he is doing wrong, he objected to me taking her until he makes sure she is healthy again.

                              So when all was said and done, it was he who wouldn't let me take her, and NOT me abandoning her, nor did I plan to...

                              I told him he could do what he felt was necessary, but regardless of what happens, I was going to his shop on Friday and taking her whether she was "better" or not.

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