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Sweet, but not too pretty

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  • Sweet, but not too pretty

    Here are two of my new Crested/Chahoua hybrid babies. I've seen beautiful hybrids...I'm not sure what happened to mine.

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    Well, I don't think they're ugly- but they just look like cresties! Did you use a male crestie and femal chahoua or the other way around? I don't really have any experience with this, so I can't really help, I'm just curious. I wonder if your female was the crestie if maybe she had retained sperm from an earlier crestie-crestie breeding?
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      looks like 100% ciliatus to me!


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        I thought they looked 100% ciliatus too, but they are definately hybrids. The female hadn't been with a male for several (at least 7) months when my chahoua male decided that he was feeling frisky.


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          Got to agree they look 100% ciliatus to me to, is it not possible after 7 mnts to lay fertile eggs?


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            Ciliatus, no chahoua mixture in those little ones. Look for hybrids in your next clutch of eggs or the next after.

            Females can retain sperm for A LONG time...months upon months. I purchased a female that had been cooled off and hadn't been with a male and shortly after arriving decided to lay me two eggs. I wasn't expecting them, so they both dried up. But the next clutch I was prepared for! One of the eggs hatched (the other had a leaking problem) and I now have a beautiful crestie.

            I think that I recall 8 months as the record for sperm retention? Anyone care to refresh? I've personally been keeping my records as sire 1/sire 2 for up to 3 months after I've changed mates, simply because it can take some time for the new male's sperm to conquer the old mate.

            There! That was my two cents...let me know if I have change coming back.
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              I have had 7 months in velvet geckos!


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                keep those as pets but what ever you do don't sell them when your unsure.
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