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dead hatchling..owner error

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  • dead hatchling..owner error

    While cleaning the computer room today, I found the little desiccated body of a hatchling. He must have come from what I thought was my clutch of dud eggs that just burst with no baby to be found.

    I imagine he hatched and climbed out of his plastic gladware container with lid left ajar. I never saw him to care for him properly. He probably had a clutchmate, too, who will also die in my house.

    I learned that my incubation containers need to be more secure! The small one is now in a critter keeper. I poked ventilation holes in the other incubation container and put the lid on securely.

    I just hope my sad story will keep other beginners from losing hatchlings as needlessly as I did.
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    I'm sorry Julie, that's a horrible way to lose babies. I personally use Lock & Lock containers, which have snap down lids. Extremely secure and no accidental lids coming loose. I wish you tons of luck with your next batch!
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      Really sorry to hear that
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        That really sucks!!!


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          Sorry to hear about this. Using an incubator or a larger container around the first might help though, because it'd provide a secondary shield for them to try to escape from.
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            Thats such a shame. Same sort of thing happened about 18 month ago to us (although ours was U lineatus), we had the female drop a few infertile eggs, we went on holiday when we came home the next morning we found a dead baby on the floor, it had got out between the glass (we didn't know there were any eggs) a few days later the sibling turned up dead in the wardrobe.