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    40 with shipping?! defintly go for it.


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      I bought it!

      I just thought that I would let you guys know that I eventually caved in and bought the little guy/girl. The breeder was a reputable guy, but he does more work with veiled chameleons then he does with Crested Geckos. He only has 1 small breeding group of cresteds, because he is so busy with all his chameleons. That's the reason he sold this little guy so cheap! I also asked him about a million questions about this juvie and his adult Crested breeders (the juvies father is a full pinstripe by the way), to see if he knows as much about Cresteds as he does about chams. Still, he was very knowledgeable about all his Crested Geckos and answered every single question I asked. (Which probably got annoying for him after a while seeing as I asked so many!)

      This little guy is going to be arriving tomorrow morning, and if I can get some decent pictures of it I will post some.

      Thanks everyone for helping me make my decision. (Even though I did have a feeling this guy would end up living at my house eventually!)
      - Nicole -

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        8) I'm glad you got him! I hope he arrives safely and grows like a weed. Yayyy! Definitely pics when you get a chance, since we all "helped" you buy him!
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          Buy him/her definetly, WAY to good to pass up
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          If life gives you oranges, make orange juice.If life gives you money, buy a crested gecko.