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  • Modified and turned on their side...

    Please post pics of your standard aquarium(s) that have been turned on their narrow side to have an "extra tall" set up. I saw a couple on a different forum, but would like to see more ideas. The aboreal nature of Cresteds explains the benefits of doing this.

    Are glass aquariums that are turned on their side structurally sound? Should they be reinforced in a wooden (2X4) frame?
    Be thankful.

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    I'm using one glass tank turned on end as a quarantine tank while I'm setting up an Exoterra and I have to say I really don't like it. I am pretty picky about my caging :wink: but if he is walking around on the screen I can't slide the lid off sideways. If it were modded for a hinge perhaps. It's OK for now and I'd use it again to make the gecko happy but I would pass if I had better options.
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      This is a quick shot of one of our tanks that was modified for cresties.
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        I have four 10g tanks set up on end on a shelf above my computer. The only thing thats a real pain is the lid. They fit fine and I don't have to worry about securing them or them falling off but it would be nice if there was a hinge.
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          Can't really see it in my picture as I have the lid down but I velcro all sides as a precaution to make sure no crestie can escape.

          Specializing in Crested, Fat-tails (amels), and Chahouas