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  • Shy

    How long did it take for your cresties take to get use to u?
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    I have a year old female that I've had since she was 2 weeks and she's still not used to me. Then I have a 4 month old juvie that I got at 2 months and he's already used to me. Some of them will just never come around .
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      some are use to me. some arent thats how it is haha. actualy i dotn think any of mine are.. but when its feeding time they run up to the glass ... as if they were saying FEED ME>. NOW


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        Most of mine are used to me after a few months or so. I still have some that I have had over 6 months that are still a bit spooky for the first few minutes they are out of their enclosures.
        I do have 1 though (Tarzan) that comes to the front of the cage and watches me everytime I come into the gecko room. He just loves to come out and visit.
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          i bought mine as a one year old and he was already used to handling.
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            I think it just has a lot to do with individual personality and how much of the "wild" is left in the breeding line- kinda like with cats. Some are aloof and nasty, some very social with people, loving the attention. I think some of our little ones will always be a little skiddish, but it doesn't hurt to keep trying- just don't take it personally.


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              I try to make it a point to (gently) handle my 4.5 month old for a little while each day... it seems he gets less skittish as time goes on, but It's still an effort to get him out of his viv :?

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                From what I've heard, around 2-4 months at least, I think.
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