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  • cage dimentions?

    i know yall get alot of ppl asking this verry question but i need to know the dimentions to use when building my new enclosure for my cresties you see i want to house for now my breeding pair in there when i breed them and in some time after i get the hang of this then add females around 2 more to have a 1.3 group so dose any body have anf pictures of there enclosure or can i just build two chameleon cages cince im building one for my male right now??? although it is kinda big!!!
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    theres no set dimensions just eyeball it to whatever size youd like and can fit in your space. just make sure that if your gonna have 3 geckos in the same cage, it has to be 30gal at the very least. a 35 gal is about 18W x 18L x 25H(inches)
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      1 cubic foot is roughly equal to 10 gallons.... very rough estimate but close enough to suit your needs.

      Most folks agree that you need bare minimum 10 gal per adult. Since Cresties are aboreal, an enclosure that is Tall rather than wide is prefered.
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        groups = overrated unless you mass sell. Keeping indidvidually is the way to go IMO. When you keep them indidvidually you can pictures of both parents therefore you can give an educated guess on what the animal will look like. If you have a red male, green female, buckskin female, and slate female. The only thing you will know is that the male is red.

        For a group that size i'd use a cag about 2' by 20" by 16" or something.
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          well its built i did it with my own bare (soar) hande it took me two days and 5 trips to the hardwhere store but i finished them!! theyer both
          18 1/2 x 20 x 36 " hopefully that dose it for both of them!! lol iv decited to go ahead with my group plan but rotait them out so that i will know for shure who the mommy is and so that my females have a decent ammount of time to recoup i just dont know if my male will be able to hold up lol im sticky dirty sweaty soar and tired but proud to look and my (slightly crooked) handy work!!! im just hopeing they are happy in theyer new homes!!
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