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  • Sheduled Chat

    Just trying to get an idea if anybody is planning on participating in the sheduled chat. It's this Thursday at 7:30PM EST.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Gonna try to make it, may be a bit late. Have to take my friend to her dog's chemotherapy appointment that afternoon, should be back in time.
    Nell Rux
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      I should be there if I don't forget.


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        I can make it. I'll be at home all day that day anyways.
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        Dont resist the urge. You know you want to give me all of your geckos. You can only cure your addiction if you give them ALLto me. (i know, im wierd )


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          Work schedule being very irregular, but id love to participate if i get home in time
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            I'll try to make it if I'm not working.
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              im with the rest of these guys when i say if im not working im there
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