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Vet outta town!!!

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  • Vet outta town!!!

    My vets on vacation, not that she knew much on cresteds, but she was awesome and knew problems with other herps. So I hope old faithful makes it! I tried bathing her but she freaked out! I hope she either lays or is not even gravid at all!

    Shes my favorite crested! My first too. I have never seen a more curious or crested that loves handling as much! She got me into rhacs. I love her so much. She is my favorite animal!!!!
    Old Faithful!

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    I hope she makes it.
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      ME TOO!


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        <crosses fingers>
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          Cresteds don't like being bathed very much. When I say, "hydrate"... that means giving her water with a syringe. Lol. :wink:

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            whoaaaa. u ahev leik 5 threads on this.. =\ yeaa we all feel ur pain.. the possibility of losing somethign so precious. your first gecko. blahhhhhh.. i remember when i first lost my first gecko. iw alsiek 7 yr sold and i cried so much


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              Go see Dr. Alan Slack up in Waterville @ New England Animal Hospital - he knows his Rhacs - he keeps a bunch of cresties and other rhacs himself
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