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Anyone used these front opening glass terrariums?

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    I really like the look of the ExoTerra cage, especially the front-opening feature. The largest size is about 80.00 at my local pet store, and I live in an apt. where I can't start and then leave projects, so for me the "rock" wall is extremely time and labor saving. I started out with all top-opening glass, and I pretty much refuse to put any more money into those. I hate my reptiles seeing "THE HAND OF DOOM" coming at them from above all the time!
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      Hi there, new to forum.
      I also have one of the 18x18x18 and love it. The only thing to watch for is that babies can get behind the rock wall backing due to those holes in the very bottom and top- one on the right and one on the left top and bottom- know what I mean? Anyway, if your animals are very small, I woud block these off- I stuffed mine with brown paper.

      Just saw one this past week at a local store 18x18x24high. Want one BAD. $130.00 here. Everything is over priced where I live. Saw one on line for $100.00 but by the time I pay for shipping (these things are heavy) it will most likely all come out the same.

      Easy the reach for food dishes, change out substrate, grab a gecko. Easy on the eyes. Mine liove to climb the rock wall.

      Use this and extra-large sized critter keepers.


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        Hi I originally started looking at thses cages as well for my first Crestie home. the biggest is actually 18x18x24....I found several sites that sell it for roughly $124 or $99 or $89, here's a few links:

        Hope those help! I know which one I plan on getting!
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