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    I had a kid on Craigs Give me 2 cool cresteds when i purchased a tank Im not sure what sex they are yet and I have a scale being mailed soon so that should help.

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        A scale won't tell you the sex, you need to get a loupe and look for pours between the legs. That is the first sign that will tell you male or female. You can also just wait tell you can see the hemi's. If you use the search button you should be able to find some threads that walk you through what to look for(its pretty hard to just describe). I have ordered the loupe from pangea and it works wonderful.
        They are both pretty small still so pores are still going to be tough, once they reach about 10+ grams its starts to get easier but you can never be positive tell you either see the hemi's or not (usually around 20g's to be sure).

        On another note those are very nice cresteds you have there and sounds like a very sweet deal.

        Good Luck


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          Very cute Cresties
          Crestopia Reptiles

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            I didnt mean the sex exactly, i was hoping to get a good judge of age by there weight. And yeah I need to get a good scope to check out down there. They seem to be pretty young. the smallest I have away from the others in a small hermit crab like plastic cage. Thank you for the comments though. I thought it was a pretty sweet score, apparently his parents wouldnt let him get a ball pythin untill he got rid of the cresties.


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              What a sweet deal......I need to keep a better eye on craigslist.....ive heard of a few crested hookups through there.


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                craigst list ftw

                very nice colors
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