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    I think I understand...

    I think I understand what KrestieKatie meant. I think its something similar that happens in most things that shed (snakes, lizards, I've even seen something similar in tarantulas) - though I would describe it as the skin getting tight instead of getting stiff or hard. They start growing their new skin underneath their old skin, kind of like having two shirts on, practically the same size - but inside layer (the new layer of skin) is actually a little bit bigger than the layer on the outside - and that I would imagine is a "tight" feeling. As it gets tight, and it makes it more difficult for them to move around, and probably climb (though I haven't been keeping cresteds long enough to have observed this). A lot of times the animal get more irritable, and grumpy. Eventually because the old skin is too small it will split open (like a zipper coming undone - creating more room and manuverability) and can then move away from the body (or that's what it seems like from what I've observed).

    The complete shedding cycle doesn't occur within 30 minutes, it takes time to grow that new skin, and then for the skins to seperate from each other, etc. I am not sure what all goes on in a gecko's shedding cycle, but I'm sure it's at least mildly similar to other reptiles in that it's an ongoing process even if we can't see it. Plus different geckos can go through the process in slightly different ways. I know when Jinx shed the other day, all day I'd been wondering what was up with him, because he was just acting kind of weird, but that evening he went pale and shed that night - and the next day he was back to himself. Now that I think about it, he was walking more stiffly (as if his outerskin was too tight) and had trouble climbing. From what I can gather, this is what KrestieKatie was describing (but then again, all I can figure out is what was quoted, since her posts are deleted).

    I don't know if this makes sense the way I have written it - but in my mind I think I understand.
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