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    Lets say two cresties look almost exactly alike but one is a female and one is a male which one would sell more and why? and i was also wondering when is the best time to catch my cresties "fired up?" if thats not too much to ask thanks a lot guys

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    Females are always worth more in cresties.
    And they will be at their best colors at night time. Generally after misting.
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      Your geckos will fire up the most when stressed... some of my best gecko photos are of geckos straight out of a shipping box or immediately after a car ride across town to move. You will only see geckos THAT fired up stress free a couple times a year unless your gecko has a highly confident active personality. : Color, Contrast, Structure
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        females are worth more because they produce eggs, now personally I think a great male is the cornerstone of any project. they can be bred to multiple decent (not as pricey) females and still produce knock out hatchlings, or bred with some great females and end up with phenomenal hatchlings.

        gotta agree I've brought them home from the taylor show 40 minutes away and seen an amazingly bright gecko, that never fires up like that again lol
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