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Does anyone import to the UK?

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  • Does anyone import to the UK?

    Noticed on a UK web site i use some people get imports from the USA
    Does anyone on this web site import to the USA?
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    Most people who get geckos from the US pick them up at the Hamm shows in Germany.
    Derek Dunlop
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      Just like Derek said. Importing any animals is a pain. You have to deal with each county that the animal goes into on the trip. Customs and disease control are the main issues with that sort of shipment. It can end up costing more than the animal is worth in most cases and you have to deal with the time the animal is in shipment or get the animal a direct one way plain ticket like they do with cats and dogs.

      What sort of reptile are you looking for? There are a few breeders in the UK depending on what you are looking for.
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        Your best bet Sarah is wait until you hear of someone importing to the UK, that's what i did. It costs a small fortune for one person to import, let alone having to deal with all the paperwork

        Also as previously said find out who is going to Hamm, and start being extremely nice to them. I've been very lucky and a wonderful person has agreed to bring some back from me that i have ordered for the US.