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Is she gravid? (plus some eye candy)

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  • Is she gravid? (plus some eye candy)

    I just took some quick pics of Dante and Penelope today. Penelope looks like she's gonna pop so I think she may be gravid now, but I'd like to hear other opinions since I'm new at breeding and never saw them do it. She's in shed in all of these pics, that's why her color is so weird (cresteds don't have pre-laying sheds like snakes do they?). I don't know what to tell you about those belly shots...she just kinda rolled over and let me snap them haha. After she flopped back over, she went right back to jumping around like crazy-she's my spazzy jumping gecko even in her current fatness.

    I looked in on Dante while he was colored down today and he was a cool shade of yellow that reminded me of the "mocha" cresteds. By the time I took pics, he was fired up though. I went ahead and snapped a few anyway in case anybody wanted to see them.

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    I forgot, here's one more of Dante...


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      judging by the buldge i would say she is indeed about to "pop". You can usually feel the eggs when they are that far along... just be gentle about it....
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        My females go through a pre-lay shed (like snakes). Has Penelope put on weight?? Its hard to say shes gravid just from the pics (like I have a tailess female that weighs in at 51 grams). How long have they been together for??
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          She does seem a bit plump. You can GENTLY try palpating her belly... but don't stress her out. Got my fingers crossed for you that she is!

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            I don't think I can feel any eggs, she just feels really solid to me. She has been a lot jumpier than usual lately though so it's hard to get her to sit still. She's too big for my crappy digital scale and the only other one I have isn't precise enough to see weight changes easily. She's been in with Dante now for maybe 2 or 3 weeks I think? It's been at least 2 weeks I know, but I did introduce them for a night or two before that. She's the only one of mine who looks so fat, so I was getting kind of suspicious since she's the only one that might be gravid too. I've got a nest box in with her now, I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


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              What a funny picture rolling over to show off her belly.

              Also that male is really nice.
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