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A crazy day.bad and good

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  • A crazy day.bad and good

    Yesterday was a tough day for me. I woke up to my cat eating my first hatched crested gecko that was about 2 months old now. It was developing awesome huge crests and was eating sooo much. I was so mad. Next, i check to look in the incubator and one is hatching, yay! It is a nice little flame or harliquine.(my first) Later that night the 2nd egg was hatching but died in the shell.........uggh.

    So now i have two babies that i have produced. I am thinking of selling the older one. It is kinda weird looking right now lol. It is that color where it could turn red or orange and it has signifigantly reduced crests...........very odd. The mother is red/peach bi-color and the father is a blonde harley. By the end of the day i had the same amount of geckos as the beginning. Im just so sad for the 2 little guys that didnt make it. I now have one egg that is looking quite plump so fingers crossed.

    I havn't had any new eggs lately bc the temp has been a little lower. I weighed my breeders today and they were all nice and plump. My male is 43, my younger female is 46, and my older female is a bit above 50. So they are all nice chunky.

    So i guess this was an all around update of the cresteds lol. I'll take new pics soon.

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    Congrats on the hatching, sorry to hear about the other two. All of a sudden there seems to be a promblem with cats getting ahould of geckos??
    Derek Dunlop
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      Originally posted by DDReptiles
      All of a sudden there seems to be a promblem with cats getting ahould of geckos??
      I bet they are conspiring behind our backs as we speak........clever.


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        Yah those cats LOL! My cat tipped over one of my Kenyan sand boas cage one time. (It is still MIA lol).
        Steve Page

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          It could be ICB (in cat's belly).


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            Sorry to hear about your baby who was eaten, but congratulations on your new hatchling!

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