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Tiger? Brindle? Beach Sand ;)

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  • Tiger? Brindle? Beach Sand ;)

    I'm going nuts trying to figure out just what to call this guy. It's kind of a tiger pattern but 'not quite' like the tigers I've seen posted. Could it be a brindle?

    The whole effect reminds me of the pattern on the beach after the tide went out, kind of 'wavey'.

    (Some of the pictures are a bit washed out, I'm not good fiddling with the camera settings and juggling a wiggly crestie right now thanks to a pulled muscle in my arm. His/her actual colour is a bit more pink and cinnamon than it looks).
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    I would say Beach sand lol very unique


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      VERY interesting pattern! I'd describe it as a sort of "broken brindle", but I love the "Beach Sand" name! (Very descriptive and fitting. Lol.)

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        I say coin a new name.........beach sand is perfect.
        Reminds me of home..........


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          I always thought brindle meant solid stripes not dotted lines, that's why I wasn't sure if it qualified. I'll just use the pictures to show what he/she looks like and forget about trying to pin a label on it for now.
          Thanks for the input
          If you can read this, thank a teacher.


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            I think brindle is considered a tiger striped gecko with so many stripes that the background color is only about half the total gecko color, but I don't know if the lines have to be unbroken or solid. Please correct me if I'm wrong, folks.
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              Very interesting and rather odd pattern. Very cool though
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                Is he fired up in these pictures? Look like it could be daytime colors. If it is then I would love for you to post some fired up pictures of him.
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