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My new little guys from Matt! (pic heavy)

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  • My new little guys from Matt! (pic heavy)

    So, my friend came over with her digital camera and took a bunch of pics of all our critters. So I finally can show off my new cresteds! These are pics of Moxie and Nehi, two gorgeous little white fringe geckos from his orange and yellow dalmation lines. Sorry the pics aren't bigger, but the camera wasn't very detailed (still better than my film camera!)

    Nehi the spazz boy first. He squeaks at me almost every time I open his cage, and he can move even faster than Static, my original resident spazz! He has beautiful color though.

    He usually looks a bit lighter than this. I love his spots going straight down his back.

    Nehi Escaping!! DOINKY-DOINK DOINK!

    This one is just funny. (He's actually midair here.)

    Now, Moxie, who is very bold and curious. He is the littlest crested I've owned! I love his patterning so much!

    Moxie, pre-doink...... (You can't see it very well but he has fantastic tiger stripes.)

    Moxie post-doink!!!!!
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    Nice New Additions
    Derek Dunlop
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      Beautiful little doinklets!

      I love the pattern on Moxie and I agree, the spots down the back of Nehi are adorable!
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        Great pics and names! Adorable geckos!

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            Beautiful! Don't you just love Matt's wonderful cresties! I have three of his now and have been extremely pleased with all. Glad you were able to snag a camera so we could drool with you!
            ~ Dorothy ~

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              Very cute.......nice new additions


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                Very nice new cresties
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                  They're adorable! I love the word 'doink'. *laughs*
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                    very nice!!! they're soo cute when they're little...naw they're just cute all the time!!!
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                      Thanks for the compliments everyone. They're doing well; my scale doesn't do tenth grams (so I wonder about the accuracy) but they are both gaining weight and I am enjoying them a lot. I'm impatient to find out their gender and adult colors, but it's fun to watch them color change. (I'm so hooked it's not even funny.) (OK, yes, it is funny.) I'm trying now to plan out what my breeding groups will look like if they turn out either male or female, since I want to get some stuff at Daytona but I don't have much space so I need to rein myself in and only purchase what I need, LOL!
                      "Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight;
                      You gotta kick at the darkness 'till it bleeds daylight....."
                      --Bare Naked Ladies