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  • lethargic crested gecko

    Please help...

    I have had my crested gecko for 4 months (he is just over a year old) and he seems to be loosing weight. He also is very lethargic, he is willing to just sit on my lap and he has never done that. I give him crested gecko diet every other day and also that fruit that you can buy at petco and i give him crickets once a month. I am worried about him. Any advice would be great, I am planning on taking him to the vet tommorrow evening.

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    When you take her in, make sure you have a fresh poop sample, and have it checked for parasites.

    That may be the problem.
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      What are your temps like? What kind of humidity do you offer?

      Does the gecko show any signs of dehydration, like sunken eyes or skin that stays in peaks/wrinkles when you rub it? & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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        temp is currently 68-70 (night time) with a humidity of around 40-50%, I spray the cage 2x a day. The skin does wrinkle when I rub it, but returns to normal almost immediately.


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          Hm... you might want to try raising the temps a bit (try for 75 or so) and getting the humidity up higher. I find that my geckos are more active in the mid- to upper-70's, and my humidity starts at around 90-95% and is allowed to dry down to 55% or so during the course of the day.

          When you say "that fruit you can buy at Petco," what are you referring to? I'm not sure I've come across that product.

          Have there been any changes you've made recently, in diet or enclosure?
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            Ok I will hook up my heat lamp.. Question on how to get a higher humidity, I have a mesh cage, so I do have trouble getting a higher humidity. If he is dehydrated, is there anything I can do right now to help him?

            I can't remember the name of it, but it is specific for geckos. I Couldn't find it on their website. I will stop by there tomorrow and find out. I have not made any changes specifically to his diet or enclosure, but the weather has gotten colder so the heater is being ran more often. It could be dehydration, but would that explain the weight loss?

            Also he appears to have recently injured his snout, is that normal? small cut on the tip of the snout near the nostrils, doesn't appear infectected.

            I didn't even realize he was so lethargic or had lost weight because during the day he spends most of his time in his log.


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              If you have an all-mesh cage, you can cover some of the mesh with plastic wrap or something similar. I'm not a huge fan of all-screen cages for these guys, at least in my area - everything gets way too dry in winter. Even in my glass tanks with screen only on the top, I end up having to cover half of the screen with wood to keep the moisture at an acceptable level.

              Lethargy could be a sign of dehydration, and a lack of appetite could be caused by low temps, but there may be other causes so it's a good idea to take your gecko into the vet anyway, especially if you were planning on it.
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                Thank you, One more question... Anything I can do to help with the dehydration immediately. soak him or something?


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                  Yeah, you can set him in a small Tupperware container with a lid. Put a folded paper towel in the bottom, put a few millimeters of water at the bottom (nothing that would endanger him), put the gecko in, mist a few more times into it, and close the lid. Keep the gecko where you can monitor him, preferably in a dim area so he'd be more likely to be "awake," and leave him in for 15-30 minutes. Try to see if he drinks anything.

                  If his eyes are not sunken and his skin is not staying peaked/wrinkled, though, dehydration may not be the issue.
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                    What size tank is he in?
                    Do you have any water dishes in there?

                    Something i've noticed is that if I have a somewhat deep water dish (something that might go up arm's length of the gecko) it helps a lot if I put in something like a rock (just make sure it is clean)
                    Normally what I see is that the gecko will just walk over it and get a faceplant of water, or it's just a surprise to them for the hole to be out of nowhere. But when I put the rock in, they walk over and don't quickly try to get out. Most of the time, they just sit there and drink a bit. (or poop in it...whatever works for them I guess?)

                    Another thing is that you can always try looking for apple juice. Make sure it doesn't have any additives if possible, because some "all natural" ones still have some strange additives. Then mix about 1/5 apple juice and 4/5 water and put it in a clean small bottle cap (the non-metal ones) and just leave it in the cage. I do this every often for a treat, or for the girls after they lay. My geckos will lick that stuff clean, and they've actually gotten used to me feeding it in a certain corner of the tank. So whenever I reach back there, they expect apple juice.

                    I've also heard of some people putting a little bottle cap full of calcium powder in there. (just without D3 or phosphorus) and surprisingly, the geckos actually lick it form time to time. That may help a little bit aswell.

                    And if nothing else works, try hand feeding him if you haven't already. Just get a bit of the CGD on your finger and dab a bit on the sides of the gecko's mouth.

                    And one more question, where did you get the gecko and do you know it's diet before you got it?
                    I'm thinking there's a chance that maybe the gecko just had a different diet before you got it (like only baby food, that stuff can take forever to get the gecko off) and maybe it has gotten picky and is refusing to eat or something?
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                      It could have parasites... so getting a fecal does is still top priority here. You should soak him to rehydrate him, but he needs to see a vet ASAP.
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                        So I'm thinking Hydration issue myself but I thought I'd put it out there to see maybe it could be something else. Anyway, I purchased a crestie on Monday night Aug 24th so like 3 days ago. He's about 3 years old and was very active. If you went to tough him he'd go shooting across his cage. When I got home from work yesterday he was just lying there and I was even able to pick him up and he barely moved. I live in a dry climate, I mist both morning at night and when his tank gets down to about 45% humidity and the temp stays around 70 degrees which I now is a little on the cool side it seems they do best around 75. I purchased bath him and his old cage so yes he is in a new area but his cage and accessories are the same. Its a glass cage with mesh top, I will be covering half that tonight when I get home. I never have done the hydration bath before so I'm a little nervous doing so but it's probably necessary.

                        Do you all think I'm on track here or is there something else I need to do?

                        Oh one more thing that my be an issue, The original owner had him an Pangea food but my locol pet store petco doesn't carry it so I got him the Repashy until I could find a supplier for the Pangea.