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  • Where to begin?

    Hey all, for those of you who don't know me, I am very intent on getting a crested ( or possibly gargoyle) gecko in the near future. I am extremly excited, and I have been doing my research, but, I was wondering, where do you suggest I begin? I am a high school student, so, therefore I am on a somewhat modest budget, but, is it recommended to purchase male, one female, two females, a male and a female, or what? I know it is partially preference, but, in the long run, where would be a good starting point?
    Thank you everyone for your help and kindness!

    - Derek

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    buy one of matt's babies. there is a big sale going now. also buy some "clarks diet". and all u really need for housing a baby in is a critter keeper.


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      Juveniles would probably be best to start with (and cheaper). If you get a few, hopefully you'll end up with at least one pair in the long run should you decide to breed later. Adults are a bit hardier, but I think raising them and seeing their colors change over time is a big part of the fun.


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        its up to you..

        Just go with what you think is best, theres no bad choice. You could get some older sexed animals for more, but be guranteed of the sex. However on the other end you could most likely get a group of juvies for cheaper and raise them up hoping for a ratio in your favor, as well as enjoy watching them grow. Although with a group of juvies if your luck is like mine you would end up with 1 femalle and 5 males. ARGH Either way its all up to you, just do whatever you feel makes more sense for you..........

        good luck

        ps if your like most rhac keepers whatever you decide to buy probable wont be your last rhac purchase either
        Check it , You wont regret it.


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          Local reptile shows are always a great place to pick up animals much more inexpensive than your corner pet store.

          Petco seems to have provided many people with nice geckos for about $50.

          For the budget your suggesting.... I would go 1 juvi in a 20 tall....the 20 tall gives you enough room to add another gecko later on and by starting with just 1 you dont have any worries that a pair would both end up as males.
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            Being relatively new myself, having purchased my first in September, I suggest getting a juvenile as well. I wouldn't have passed up my learning experiences of raising my little cresties for anything! And it was fun to watch them grow as well.

            You definitely need to invest in the Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide to their Selection and Care book. It's the Bible of cresties and also has a section on Gargoyles and other Rhacs. I carry mine with me at work in case I get some down time to read.

            Amazon has it on sale right now for $26.37


            I must warn you, this is an addictive hobby. You can't just get one or two! Look at me, I have 10 cresties and am getting ready to purchase two gargoyles and a chahoua!
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              depends what you want...if you're looking to possibly breed in a future, a few young ones might be a good idea...if just planning on 1, then choose any...they're hardy even when young...
              adults prices jump up, especially for if that's a thought, then unsexable might be a good way to go