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Mike and Polly babies have hatched!!!

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  • Mike and Polly babies have hatched!!!

    What better way to end a Birthday than to have 2 of my "Project" eggs hatch? I opened up the incubator and was so excited that I almost dropped it. Finally, FINALLY these eggs have hatched.

    I was expecting a few more spots, but I'm not by any means disappointed. These guys are NOT for sale... I'm too interested to see how they turn out to be. (Plus, I consider it a minor miracle that they're alive after my old German Shepard flipped the incubator during the move!!!)

    One thing that did catch my eye, though was... suprisingly... their tails. Very cool tail pattern. Very thin stripe with a funky "starburst"-type pattern on each side. It's hard to describe, but I've attached a pic. It was the first thing I noticed when I popped open the incubator. ("Where the heck did those stripe-y tails come from?") Kind of funky... I hope they keep the pattern!

    Baby Number One (fresh from the incubator):

    Baby Number Two (fresh from the incubator):

    Close up of Baby Number One's Tail. (Baby Number Two's is the same):

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    WOOO-HOO! Congratulations, Sarah! Keep us posted on these little ones!!!
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      That is a sweet tail pattern. Almost looks like several swords laying on top of each other.
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        Congrats on the hatchlings. That tail pattern is very impressive!


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          They look great.............
          Love the tail pattern.


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            Congrats, keep us posted on them.

            Cool tail
            Derek Dunlop
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              Hurrah!! I am so happy!! I can't not wait to see what color and patterns they develop! My fingers and toes will be crossed for lots of delayed spots!
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                very cool tail

                I was happy after a long break one of my females finally laid eggs this morning big chubby yellow tiger female and red bicolor dalmation male as dad


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                  Isn't breeding season great? Nothing beats checking the lay box and finding two perfect eggs. (Except maybe when those eggs hatch! Lol.)

                  Oh, I decided to name the babies "Lucky" and "Shamrock".

                  "This is your life, are you who you want to be?" -Switchfoot


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                    hehe cute...

                    yeah...for the past month I've craved more eggs or babies since I lost the last bunch of eggs a couple months ago