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Exo Terra 12X12X18" OK for one crested?

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  • Exo Terra 12X12X18" OK for one crested?

    The only space I have right now is a 12"X12" space. I really like the Exo Terra glass terrariums and I noticed they have a 12X12X12" cube and a 12X12X18". Is the 12X12X18" sufficient for one crested gecko? I really hope so because this is the only space I have.
    Also I plan densely planting with live house plants, what is the substrate the plants will best benefit from but will also be good for the geckos? Is the coconut fiber brick that expands ok to use, or should I be using something better for the plants?

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    or should i be using organic potting soil?


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      That size tank should be fine for one adult. Sounds like you will have quite the setup post pics when you get it done
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        Make sure your geckos are old enough to be on a soil type substrate. Hatchlings and small juvies should be kept on paper towel or something similar.

        Check out the care sheet on my site:


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          Those tanks are REALLY nice but theyre WAY overpriced. i almost bought 1 for my cresties but didnt have enough money so i bought a 29 gallon tall and it was still cheaper than the 12x12x12 :?
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            yea, they really are expensive