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    Is it normal for crested geckos to like water? I've done lots of reading and I couldn't find anything about this. I was just curious cuz mine plays in/around his water dish alot. He also comes running over while I'm misting... I set the water bottle to stream and he bites the water while I spray.
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    Thats so cool! Like a dog or something . I know that mine enjoy a good misting and lick water off surfaces but they never drink from the spray.
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      lol thats awsome, id love to see that!
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        Never heard of a crestie doing that... my bulldog on the other hand.... :wink:

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          Never heard of that either. Very cool though
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            thats cute hahaha .very playful liek a dog. my spray bottle is liek this cheap 1 dollar thing tha tonly ahs mist.. and it hardly works.. sometime sihave to spray 10 times till the water comes back up...