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ohio man attacked by vicious gecko

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  • ohio man attacked by vicious gecko

    an ohio man, 28, was viciously attacked early this morning by a crested gecko. the man, rick moss was alegedly "trying to collect a new clutch of eggs" when the female red chevron backed gecko latched onto his finger. the man said he thought he just surprised the second time mother of two beutiful white eggs, so he tried again.....CHOMP!!! the man then proceded to grab a pen and scoot the attack crestie away from her eggs...he finally successfully collected the eggs for incubation. the man is recovering at home and said, " im pretty shaken up and traumatised but ill be okay..."
    Rick Moss...Tigerbarr,inc.

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    lol. I think I just read this one .
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      this is all over all the crestie forums, i think cresties may be protective...hmmmm...
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        wow thats pretty weird ive never heard of that happening before
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