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How big is too big? (cage size)

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  • How big is too big? (cage size)

    I just got a small Crested. I put him in a 20 high with three plants
    and a two big chunks of driftwood. Is this too big for it at this stage?
    (And by small I mean maybe a few weeks to a month old.)

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    From what I've been told about keeping hatchlings and the experiences I've had, I'd say that a 20g is too big. Although I've always kept mine in pairs in 10g tanks, most people recommend a medium sized critter keeper.
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      The concern with "too big" is that hatchlings can become stressed if they have to "search" too large an area for food.

      There are a few ways to remedy this... provide multiple sources of food or house them in a smaller enclosure.
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        matt has told me if they are around 4-5 inches they should be okay and larger enclosures but anythign smaller than that should get eitehr a smaller enclosure or multiple food dishes in that enclosure. or possibly keep it very very simple and make the food easy to find


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          Here is what the 20 looks like. I will put another food dish in there.
          I think it's open enough for the gecko to find crickets.

          and here is the gecko



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            from the looks of it, it looks a-okay actualy. as logn as its not TOTALY densged with leaves and the food can be foudn easily.. right now as we speak my ltitle juvies are eating its cgd.. so cute hahaha well gluck with u and ur geckos