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Bearded dragon and crested gecko

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  • Bearded dragon and crested gecko

    Okay before I start off I know I can’t keep a bearded dragon and a crestie together but my family and I want to get a beardie after researching their care. I was wondering if I were to get a beardie and keep it totally away from my gecko Would they smell each other and get stressed?

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    My bearded dragon cage is above a cage with leopard geckos and next to a stack of cages with leopard geckos. It will be fine. When the beardie would walk around the living room it would encounter all sorts of geckos in their cages and they never bothered him.



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      Okay awesome thank you so much!


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        I agree it should be fine! As long as you keep them separate from each other (which it sounds like you are) I have multiple reptiles in my reptile room, and it is fine. Just remember to wash your hands after you finish handling one then start to handle the other!


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          Having a so-called "reptile room" with tons of different reptiles is very normal in the hobby, so as long as you don't have them in the same tank you're good (:
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            Okay awesome that’s great to know!! Thank you guys so much. They won’t be in the same cage because of the obvious. I’ll be keeping the crested gecko in my bedroom and the beardie in our family room )