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    I just got a new crested, and it is very jumping and I was wondering how I can tame it?

    Also I bought it from the pet store and it was in a exo terra cage, and now I have it in a portable carrying tank since it's a baby still. Can it depress it since it lives in something smaller now??

    And how can I get my crested to eat without hand feeding it?

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    Ok so first of all, if you're currently hand feeding and it isn't eating on it's own, you need to stop, and leave it alone until it does. It can take a while, but that really should be your priority tbh. Just leave the gecko completely alone, and change the food out every 2-3 days, and it'll eat eventually. When it does eventually start eating, then you can start handling it. All you can really do to "tame" it is to be patient. Maybe start out with handling it in it's enclosure so that if it jumps it doesn't go far. Then as it gets more used to you, you can take it out, but keep the handling sessions short. In regards to tank size, i don't think it can depress it no, but changing enclosures does stress them out, which is why it isn't recommended to handle your gecko when you first get it, you need to let it settle in.
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