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Philodendrons In Cresteds Terrarium

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  • Philodendrons In Cresteds Terrarium

    So I needed to fill u my crestie's enclosure as it was getting quite barren. I got a new food and water dish, some spider-wood, a new vine, and last a live philodendron plant. I wanted to have a live plant that would climb up as a vine and I found that a Photos or philodendron would be my best bet. I couldn't find a Photos so I settled to the philodendron. I believe it isn't harmful but confirmation would be nice. If my gecko decides to nibble will he be harmed? Also, will the plant survive in the temperature/humidity/light-level of the viviarium?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Philodendron is on the list of potentially toxic plants listed on te website.


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      Josh's Frogs sells pothos plants if you can't find any locally.
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        I'd go for Pothos just to be safe. Philodendron is one of those plants where if ingested it could cause serious problems, but since cresties rarely downright eat the plants, it's really up to you whether you wanna take the chance, though i wouldn't recommend it since accidents do happen.
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          I have been looking around and I've located a Golden Pothos, I removed the philodendron from the terrarium and plan on purchasing the pothos and replacing the philodendron with it.