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Baby crestie walking weird??

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  • Baby crestie walking weird??

    A bit of a read but I’m very frustrated/concerned about my baby Crestie!!

    I purchased a baby crested gecko from pet smart around the first of may this year, meaning she’s probably no older than two months. I’m new to reptiles, but my s/o has a crested gecko who’s a bit older than two years and is super cute and healthy. So he’s taught me a lot.
    Shes very clumsy, she doesn’t really stick to anything including the walls of her habitat. No shed is stuck on her feet or anything.
    I notice that sometimes when she’s walking, she’ll stick either of her front legs waaaaay up in the air, almost vertical, for just a few seconds until she walks/moves again. I can’t find anything online about this anywhere.

    Currently I have her in a plastic container with multiple air holes. It’s about 12x18x8, and she’s barely 4.5 inches. I had her in a 12-12-18 but she kept getting behind the background, so I moved her into the smaller one until she gets a bit bigger.

    no uvb lighting as most people say you don’t need one. My house/room stays around 70-75?f, and if it’s around that temp outside I’ll take her out for some direct sunlight at least every other day. Humidity is fine most days, but I don’t have a hygrometer so I can’t be exact.

    She acts normal other than the weird walk. She won’t eat much unless I feed her with a feeding stick (or what I stir her Pangea up with.)

    I haven’t tried crickets because they’re not much smaller than her, and she wouldn’t be able to catch them anyways due to her weird/slow walk. She’s been on the Zoomed CGD, but I switched her to Pangea Growth & Breeding (which is recommended for babies/juveniles) with insects in the mix.

    She doesn’t really lick much of the water off of the sides/leaves either, but she doesn’t seem dehydrated.

    her first shed with me, I ended up having to give her a sauna and getting the rest of what she didn’t (which was a good bit) off because it was prohibiting her movement) with a wet q-tip after the sauna. It had been almost 4 days of trying to let her shed and she wasn’t getting it off. I wasn’t rough, I was very gentle and the skin was soggy so it came right off.

    sorry for the long read; I’m just concerned about the walk.

    It’s difficult to get a picture of her leg in the air, but if I’m able I will post one.

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    Here are some photos of her. 2 are normal, but the ones with her legs in weird positions are the ones i'm specifically talking about.
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      Unfortunately petsmart is notorious for selling sick reptiles, their care of them is horrible. In would recommend that you stop hand feeding, its not necessary. You need a hygrometer and thermometer to ensure your temps and humidity are ok. Odd leg movement could me a sign of mbd, but its hard to say.


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        Her feet look within normal in all the pictures except for picture 6, in which her right front leg and foot look really weird, but it could be the angle. Anyway, I agree with what Peasquare says. Give her the best care and see how she develops.
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