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  • Unfinished shed?

    My gecko was showing signs if shed last night, and i kinda he would shed. I was right, but in the morning i checked on him and he only had his head out of shed and he was sleeping. He is alert and active and fine but im worried. It isn't stuck shed, just unfinished. Do I leave him alone and let him finish over another night? Im just afraid it will dry up and constrict him. What do I do?

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    Okay, this happened to my crestie and honestly you have got to help them. Take a q-tip rub some water on it and rub the dry side on it. Then help it peel it off slowly, this method always works for me, I recently lost my creative. If you could look at my recent and help that would be awesome ty in advance!


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      Thank you!


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        I would suggest a sauna - put him in a Gladware or similar container, with just enough room temperature water in it to cover his feet. Leave him there (supervised) for 15 minutes or so, that should help loosen up the shed so you can help get it off.
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          Unfinished shed and stuck shed is really the same thing, i personally just help them get it off with a tweezer, it's faster than a sauna, and usually works just fine unless the shed is super dry. If you do wanna do a sauna i'd advise doing it with wetted paper towel and not just plain water, works the same but is overall less stressful.
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