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  • Gecko eggs help

    My female gecko is on her fourth clutch of eggs and when she lays its one big fertile egg and the other is small and infertile the fertile egg embreo grows for about 30 days and then egg shrivles and molds no mold before that tho I've tried putting egg in a paper towel bath just in case was to dry but nothing they keep dying can someone help I would love to have a successful clutch she eats Pangea breeding formula and papaya 3 times a week and gets calcium dusted crickets 2times a week and also gets a calcium additive for the water dish the eggs are still seeming to be calcium deficient there a brown white colour the temp and humidity is perfect in the tank and also in the incubator altho I keep incubator humidity at about80- 90 so it might be too high but it is kept at a steady room temp any tips or pointers or criticism please and thank you

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    I had bought the geckos as a breeding pair from a Kijiji breader about a year ago and the geckos are about 4 years of age and healthy in every other way I try to do as much research as possible