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Hatchling Tank Issue

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  • Hatchling Tank Issue

    Hello! I just recently bought a 18x18x24 30-Gal Exo-Terra tank set up for a crestie. Though, I made a mistake and did not check if I had any readily available and in my budget geckos available. I ended up settling for a Red crested hatchling, and I am worried this tank is too big for my boy. I plan on removing any higher hides and making sure the food and water is super easy to find. Can anybody tell me if this is okay??? i only have $80 left if i need to change stuff.
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    Personal opinion, he should be fine. However you might want to put paper towels on the bottom so you can make sure he is peeing/pooping. You may not be able to see lick marks in the food, a hatchling will eat just a tny bit of food. Puf the food in multiple places, some high, some low, give him time to settle in and keep an eye on him. Y


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      I think it will be fine. Put in at least two food stations, one high and one low, and lots of foliage and places to hide so he feels secure. He should be fine.
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        I agree. If your are sketched out and your gecko is tiny you could put it in a shoebox container for a few months. They cost $1