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No more Watermelon Mango???

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  • No more Watermelon Mango???

    I've had my Crestie for about 9 years now. And my Leachie for 7. I have tried pretty much every flavor of Pangea gecko diet (and Repashy) under the sun. And they only flavor they like is the Watermelon Mango. But now I see Pangea stopped making it and only make Watermelon now. Why??

    I bought some, but sadly my guys don't care for it. This really sucks. Not sure what to do.

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    According to the pangea website, they only changed the name of the food but it is still the same flavor.
    Pangea Fruit Mix Watermelon Complete Gecko Diet

    Formerly known as Watermelon Mango, same great food with a simplified name.


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      Was going to say the same thing. Check ingredients on the Watermelon packaging. There is still mango in it.
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        Well that's interesting. They would gobble the "old" stuff up, and barely touch this new pouch I bought. This new stuff I bought definitely doesn't smell as good (sweet) as it has in the past.

        Thanks for the replies.