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  • Concerned!!!!! H E L P

    So I have had Garbo (my crested gecko) for almost a week. He only likes one corner (a corner where I can’t get to him) and comes out only to harass but not eat the crickets. He intimidates them but won’t eat them. There’s only two left from where they killed each other. Garbo just shed last night, and I thought that maybe he’d be a little less nervous but no. I reached my hand near him today (today was the rare occasion that he was out of his corner) and he scurried up the wall into his corner. I’m concerned that he’s not eating, and concerned that he doesn’t want me anywhere near him. I’ve read that I need to be persistent but I don’t wanna force him. Any tips or tricks to get them to both eat and be my buddy?

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    It can take several weeks for them to adjust to their new home and begin eating. Are you feeding GCD in addition to crickets? How old is he and how much does he weigh?

    My guy never cared for crickets and is fed only GCD and is thriving. Give him some time and don’t try to handle him for a while, if he isn’t ready you may stress him out.


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      The breeder said 8-9 months old and didn’t tell me his weight I've been also giving him that gecko formula stuff and we’ve ordered him Pangea. There was a little lick mark in the formula but every time I put it in there after that he wouldn’t eat it. Today he moved out of his corner and into the moss on the other side of the cage. I touched him today (I thought he was dead) and he looked at me hand but didn’t jump. So progress is being made on that front, but he’s not eating the little fruit cubes we got him either.


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        You may need to try several different flavors and possibly brands to find one he likes. Mine will only eat Pangea watermelon. What are your temps and humidity? You should get a scale that measures in grams so you can keep track of any weight gain or loss. Again it may take a few weeks before he starts to eat regularly (typically they will eat about every other night). I would not try to handle him for a couple weeks, just let him settle in and start to feel comfortable and then just go slowly and let him get used to you. If he was not handled much by the breeder it will take more time.


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          He was handled a lot by the breeder, and we're making some headway. He ate a lot of his fruit squares last night, and I thought he was dead today, so I poked him and he looked at my finger but didn’t jump or anything. At this point, I’m trying to get him to eat ANYTHING so I put more fruit squares in for him since that’s the only thing he seems to like. I read somewhere that if I don’t begin handling him soon, it’ll be harder to bond later. Is that true? If so how should I ease my way in? I don’t wanna straight up grab him and spook him, but I’d like to start introducing myself. Help?


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            Cresties really don't eat a lot, especially in winter. Your gecko is not going to starve. Adults need only about the volume equivalent of two quarters stacked on top of each other every other day. Youngsters eat maybe half a dime of food per day. Please don't poke your gecko when it is asleep -- this just annoys them. After about 7 or 8 pm, your gecko should start to wake up. Handle your gecko only once it is already alert. Slowly introduce your hand and let it sniff your hand *without doing anything else* so that it learns that you are not a threat. I agree with Peasquare about getting a scale and letting the gecko settle before you start handling it regularly.
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