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Female Vocalizing?

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  • Female Vocalizing?

    So I have 2 female crested geckos, kept separately. The oldest, Naru, is nearing 3 years old and weighs 47 grams. Naru usually has a very docile, quiet disposition. She lets me hold her and will sit on my shoulder without trying to run away, she doesn’t protest either (vocalize). Overall she is usually a very calm gecko. Starting two weeks ago she started getting more vocal when I would touch her, and now she will vocalize while shaking her head and tail. It started when I would touch her back and now it’s her entire body. I wondered if the two were vocalizing to each other, and maybe the presence of another gecko was stressing her out, and stayed up one night to see but they didn’t. I can seem to find anything physically wrong with her, and she eats fine and poops regularly, I’m at a lost as to why she’s acting like this.

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    I will also add that i have introduced the two geckos to each other in a separate enclosure, I am trying to get them used to each other with the hope of keeping the two in the same enclosure in the future. The younger female is 10 months old and 9 grams. However they haven’t displayed any aggressive behavior towards each other and once Naru began acting strangely I stopped introducing them in case stress was the cause. She was also began pooping on me when I hold her, she hasn’t done that in two years.
    As I’ve said, usually she is very calm, lying on me shirt and exploring my arms when I’d hold her. She hasn’t tried to bite me nor is she acting aggressive, she simple seems to be stressed.


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      When females squeak, it generally means "get out of my personal space." She may be gravid or about to shed -- geckos are particularly irritable at these times. Do each of your girls have a lay box? I would also caution against putting your females in the same enclosure unless they are very close in size. Even then, they may get on each other's nerves and fight/hurt each other. The most cautious way to proceed would be to keep each girl in her own enclosure.
      3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)


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        I’ll keep that in mind, I didn’t have a lay box because I didn’t know that they could lay infertile eggs, as she has never laid them before. I’ve put a lay box in her enclosure and hopefully she is simply gravid and it’s not something more serious. Thank you for the advice!