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need crested gecko lighting help!

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  • need crested gecko lighting help!

    I just moved into my new house. My new bedroom has a very tiny window and doesn’t give off much light. I don’t keep a light on my gecko cage, I only rely on natural light. The room is fairly dark during the day. I’m not sure if it will mess with his natural day/night schedule. Will he be okay or would it be best to move him into a different space with more natural light?

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    I would prefer not to put a light on his cage, so please don’t recommend that.


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      Cresties can live in the depths of forests and don't need much light to thrive. That said, if you wanted to put a plant with a grow light on a timer next to your gecko's cage, it would not mind.
      3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)