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  • New Owner! Few questions!

    Hello forum goers! My name is Josh! My girlfriend and I recent purchased a Crested Gecko from a convention going on at the Morocco Shrine Center in Jacksonville FL. He/She (unsexed) is cute as a bugger but noticed something off once we got it in its cage. There seems to be some type of crusty black skin covering one of the ear holes. I believe it’s dried dead skin from shedding but I’m not 100% sure. If anyone else has had this problem or has any information on how to treat this please let me know! Thanks for all the suggestions and information ahead of time!

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    It does look like old shed. You might try giving your gecko a "sauna" to soften the mass and then try to pull it off with tweezers (see instructions at the link I posted below). Note that it's better for your gecko if you just grab the mass with tweezers and wait for the gecko to pull away -- that way the gecko controls how much force is used and you won't hurt it.
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      I believe that what you are seeing is just an old shed. Sometimes this happens to my crestie, mostly on the feet and once on the ear. If I don't get it off for him he will sit in his water bowl. (We give him his water by misting him.)