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New crestie hidding :(

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  • New crestie hidding :(

    So I bought a crestie at the pet shop yesterday ( yeah I know bad me for buying at a petshop ... ) she was fine when she arrived but a couple hours later she started jumping and running around like crazy and now she's been hiding under a decor and I can't see if she still alive or not because this decor is hard to move since it's under vines :/ ... is it normal behaviour?

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    Very normal. Don’t worry they need time to adjust


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      She probably just needs time to adjust to the new enclosure.


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        Totally normal. It takes geckos weeks to adjust to their new surroundings. They are a prey species and any change freaks them out. Avoid handling your gecko for at least two weeks -- just feed and clean and otherwise leave it alone. Eventually it will figure out that you are not a threat and will start coming out to watch you.
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